Traxxas Safety Alert!

Traxxas® Consumer Safety Alert!

Important Safety Notice Regarding Venom® Power Batteries with the Uniplug 2.0 System

The Venom Uniplug 2.0 system is not compatible with Traxxas iD™ 
as claimed by Venom.

The Venom Uniplug 2.0 system bypasses important safety features in the Traxxas High-Current Connector. Bypassing the Traxxas safety features creates a severe risk of FIRE and INJURY if batteries are improperly handled.

The Traxxas iD™ system utilizes technology integrated into the Traxxas High Current connector that Traxxas iD™ chargers use to automatically configure the charge settings for the battery when the battery is plugged into the charger. The Venom Uniplug 2.0 connector is not compatible with the Traxxas iD™ system and contains no technology that can be used by a Traxxas iD™ charger.

The Traxxas High Current connector design designates specific connectors for various LiPo batteries and a single specific connector only for NiMh batteries.  A mechanical key system built into the design of the connector prevents Traxxas iD™ LiPo batteries from being plugged into currently produced Traxxas NiMh chargers. This is an important safety feature for Traxxas customers. The Venom Uniplug 2.0 system bypasses this Traxxas safety feature and creates a severe risk of fire and injury by allowing a Venom LiPo battery to be connected to and charged by a NiMh only charger, or manually charged in NiMh charge mode on multi-chemistry chargers.


For more details, contact Traxxas Customer Service at (888) 872-9927

Integrated balance connectors eliminate fragile balance wires and external balance boards

Traxxas iD batteries are recognized instantly and charger settings are configured automatically

Traxxas iD LiPo battery connectors are keyed to prevent them from being plugged into Traxxas NiMh chargers

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