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This axle comes with the HD axles PRE-installed and ready to roll.

Rear solid axle, Modeled after a local trophy truck and the same size and gear ratio as an SC10. Same gear Ratio as a stock Yeti Score 13/38.

This Axle fits the Yeti score and the Losi Baja Rey. Be sure to specify Rotation direction! Yeti and Losi are opposite.

Drive nut to Drive nut is roughly 9.875″.  The Losi Baja Rey’s axle is roughly 1/2″ wider than this one, so keep that in mind when you purchase. (still looks great in the truck), and you will need a flanged nut for the wheel (the one supplied with the axle is only for shipping). Traxxas flanged nuts work great. And the lower shock rod end (LOSI) needs to be changed to a 1942 traxxas or equiv.

Width of the differential (thickness) is 2.625″ from back cover to drive input snout, and Height over center is 2.25″ (with upper link attachment on).

The Lower link spread from center line of the two holes is 6.525″ (wider selection) and 4.689″ (narrow selection). And the lower brackets shift this either out .131″ each or inward the same amount. 6.787″, 6.263″, 4.951″, or 4.427″ those are your 4 choices.

You need my Upper and lower Trailing arms (or an equivalent length) for proper fitment in the YETI.

Gear ratio Standard is 38/13= 2.92-1.0 Ratio The Losi Baja Rey is a 40/14 = 2.85-1.0 ratio so only a difference of 2.157%

Everything in the picture is included and is fully assembled.

And there is a break-in period to loosen the axle up, because everything comes very snug.

Also I use Axial gears for the most part but when not available other HD gears of similar quality may be substituted.

And for those out there that don’t have lots of bolts laying around from previous builds the UPPER trailing arms will use a M3 x .5mm bolt approximately 14mm long to attach to the bracket.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 2 in

Black, Raw


Ring on Right – Yeti, Ring on Left – Losi


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